Tuesday, October 18, 2016

EU Referendum - Voter Registration - A nightmare of a paper chase!

I had planned to do a walk today: fresh air and exercise and all that.  Unfortunately, the weather turned dull with bouts of heavy rain so I abandoned the idea of the walk.  I suppose that I could have found something better to do but I ended up delving into the law behind Voter Registration for the EU Referendum.  Get a life I hear you say!  OK - but it demonstrated what an absolute mess our statute law is in.

Treaty on European Union Article 50 – High Court application

Tuesday 19 July, 2016

APPLICATION(s) CO/3281/2016 The Queen on the application of Santos v Chancellor For The Duchy Lancaster

Friday, October 14, 2016

Justice Committee - The Magistracy (2)

The House of Commons Justice Committee is conducting an Inquiry into the Role of the Magistracy and has concluded its evidence sessions.  The first of those sessions was covered in an earlier post on 24th March - Justice Committee - The Magistracy. 

A second session was held on 10th May and this took evidence from six Magistrates.   The final session was held on 7th June 2016 with evidence from the Magistrates' Association; the Senior Presiding Judge (Lord Justice Fulford) and the Chief Magistrate (Mr Howard Riddle) and, finally, from the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice (Mr Shailesh Vara MP).

UK and the EU (10) - What if it is Brexit?

There is little doubt that the present House of Commons has more MPs in favour of remaining in the European Union (EU) than leaving it.  So, bearing in mind that this is a referendum of the whole of the United Kingdom, what might happen in Parliament if a majority of voters vote to leave (i.e. Brexit)?  Lots of possibilities might arise and much recent media comment has focused on the majority in the House of Commons trying to force the government to keep Britain inside the EU single market - BBC News 6th June 2016.

It is Brexit (3) - The role of Parliament under Article 50

About a week before the referendum I met with a few friends and discussed the possibility that the UK would actually vote to leave the EU and I posted the outcome of that discussion - UK and the EU (11) - The event horizon approaches - What if it is Brexit.  We tried to envisage how things might go after such a referendum result and sought to identify some of the legal questions that would arise.

Now that the decision of the referendum is to leave, many of those questions are receiving some serious attention including the all-important notification (under TEU Art 50) of a "decision" to withdraw from the EU.


Update - Addendum 6th June 2016 

Privates Sean Benton (died June 1995) - Cheryl James (died November 1995) - Geoff Gray (died September 2001) - James Collinson (died March 2002).  They were all at Deepcut Barracks and all died from gunshots - BBC News 1st February 2016.

The website Deepcut The Truth has the following about each of the soldiers - Sean Benton (5 wounds to his chest) - Cheryl Jones (a gunshot to the head) - Geoff Gray (two gunshots to the head) - James Collinson - (a gunshot to the head).